How do organizations improve retention, engagement, and become Employers of Choice?

They build a respectful and collaborative culture through ongoing initiatives.

Whether you’re looking to develop leadership skills, foster optimism and resilience, reduce conflict, or build teamwork, you’ll find Kim Langley’s sessions to be among the best you’ve ever participated in. Period.

Kim Langley designs each training program and coaching session with a strong focus on how adults learn, how they retain information, and what they find useful immediately. This helps to maximize retention and train your people with skills that enable them to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Training for Experienced Leaders, Emerging Leaders, Managers, and High Potential Employees including…

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication and Conflict Management Skills

  • Resilience, Optimism and Creativity at Work

  • Respectful Culture in the Workplace

Kim Langley’s employee and leadership development workshops are evidence based, incorporating research in brain science and emotional intelligence. Participants appreciate her valuable content, engaging activities and practical techniques, and can easily translate what they learn to their jobs and their lives.

As a result, participants feel empowered to communicate and collaborate more effectively, generate viable ideas and solutions, and find a better balance in work and life.

Interested in assessing emotional intelligence as part of your hiring process?
Learn more at the Harvard Business Review and the Adele Lynn Leadership Group.


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