A Balm for Blue Holidays: Finding comfort and creativity after significant life change or loss

As the holidays approach some among us are keenly aware that a death, divorce, health crisis or move will have an impact, and it can’t be business as usual. We may be trying to make peace with stark or subtle changes:  absent friends and family, climate-related disasters, the divisions among us, or simply trying to prepare a Thanksgiving or other holiday meal that seems overwhelming, if not impossible, this year.

No matter which holidays you celebrate, there might be new or refreshed traditions, habits and practices that bring comfort, consolation and even hopeful transformation and serve as a healing balm for the wounded spirit. Join Kim Langley, author of Send My Roots Rain:  a companion on the grief journey, so that with support and validation, we may find it easier to offer a welcome to winter, to changed holiday experiences, to our own anxieties and hopes.