Hiring, Building, and Leading an Emotionally Intelligent Team

Research shows that most people lose their jobs NOT because of inadequate skills, but rather because they lack the ability to manage themselves appropriately and get along well with others.

During the hiring process, the challenge is weeding out the candidates who could be disruptive and recognizing the ones who have the skills to help things run smoothly. We discuss an interview process aimed at assessing emotional intelligence, which can uncover a wealth of information including predictors of future behavior.

Once the team is in place, smart leaders have a game plan for shaping it slowly over time. Yes, team-building events help to motivate and inspire folks, but building and leading a cohesive team goes beyond the occasional one-day, feel-good activities. You’ll discover skills for a concerted effort to build your group, and move it from forming to performing.

Walk away with a bundle of practical ideas, tools and solutions!

Participants will explore…

  • Discerning truly EI candidates from the carefully coached ones
  • Solid behaviorally-based interview questions and using them to maximum effect
  • What to listen for during the interview process
  • The 4 stages of team formation
  • Why process is just as important as content
  • Facilitating productive interaction
  • Energizing your team meetings
  • Ways to cultivate creativity
  • Assessing team progress

Optional: If time permits, your group can create a list of behavioral interview questions together, or edit your current behavioral interview questions.

For this session, Kim is happy to partner or co-facilitate with your HR Manager!