Communicating Up, Down and Across: Mastering Multi-Directional Communication

Multi-directional communication is an essential emotional intelligence competency for both emerging leaders and existing leaders. Learn practical skills and strategies for communication throughout your organization.  Make sure you are part of the solution, not part of the problem, in a respectful workplace.

 By learning to analyze your audience, target your message, adapt your messages to others’ communication styles, and shape responses using indirect and direct approaches, you will create new opportunities to express your ideas to people at all levels of your organization. You can be yourself and still be flexible enough to be engaging and effective!

Participants will learn about…

  • Communication skills promote a strong personal “Brand”
  • Practical tips for becoming a stronger listener
  • Communicating “up” with senior staff
  • Appropriately influencing peers and strengthening your place on the team
  • Clear communication “down” so that you are easy to work with and for