Communication Skills Murder Mystery (interactive teambuilding experience)

“Most communication consists of a monologue delivered in the presence of a witness.”
-Margaret Millar (suspense writer)

This engaging event applies to everyone on the team! It is highly interactive, using a fun, structured experience that allows you to test your verbal and non-verbal skills, your ability to listen, and your favorite communication roadblocks.

Because little time is spent lecturing, everyone gets the chance to become “the expert”, especially on their own personal gifts and pitfalls as communicators.

Skilled communicators take time to decide what information to give, when to give it, and the best way to convey it both verbally and nonverbally. They also listen fully with head and heart. During this experience, you’ll uncover these essentials for successful communication.

Participants will…

  • Have fun and build camaraderie
  • Test their communication skills while solving The Jones Murder, for a chance to win not-so-valuable prizes!
  • Learn about respectful communication in a fun and unconventional way
  • Uncover verbal and nonverbal essentials for successful communication
  • Gain valuable tips for becoming better listeners and communicators