Conflict Management for Everyone

Conflict is inevitable. Successful people know that if it’s embraced, conflict can lead to new opportunities, solutions and results, including increased retention. It’s time to throw off negative associations that make us avoid conflict or cling to an “I’ll win, you’ll lose” approach!

This workshop is designed primarily to persuade participants that conflict can be positive, problem solving and creative. It offers critical skills for managing conflict productively and empowering solutions for those who are quick to fight, those who would rather run than fight, and everyone in between. Ultimately, you’ll walk away with a new perspective on conflict and be prepared to go for the WIN-WIN scenario!

Participants will learn about…

  • Making conflict safe and profitable
  • Sowing seeds of cooperation rather than avoidance
  • Healthy vs. unhealthy responses to conflict
  • Using empathy effectively
  • Delivering “tough news” clearly but tactfully
  • Managing escalating emotions
  • Getting to the root of problems
  • Thinking outside the box for solutions