Conflict Management (series of three)

Conflict Management 101: Conquering Conflict – No Victims or Villains, Just Victors!

Conflict is inevitable. Successful people know that if it’s embraced, conflict can lead to new opportunities, solutions and results, including increased retention. It’s time to throw off negative associations that make us avoid conflict or cling to an “I’ll win, you’ll lose” approach!

This session is designed to explore conflict as a positive, problem solving and creative situation. It offers a short assessment to uncover your personal conflict management style, along with critical skills for managing conflict productively. You’ll discover empowering solutions for those who are quick to fight, those who would rather run than fight, and everyone in between. Ultimately, you’ll walk away with a new perspective on conflict and be prepared to go for the WIN-WIN scenario!

Conflict Management 201: Taming the Troublemakers – Skills for Dealing with Difficult People

Standard conflict management techniques only work with people who have skill and reasonable good will. And difficult people – whether they’re customers, clients or vendors – don’t always have these traits! Learn how to deal with these tough folks quickly and confidently.

Using humorous real-life examples, this session is consistently highly-rated. You’ll walk away with action steps for skillfully handling all the hard-to-handle people commonly found in the workplace, so you can lower your own stress and get things done!

Conflict Management 301: Building Confidence and Owning Difficult Conversations


We all face workplace situations that cause anxiety and frustration, no matter how much we’ve worked to build our skills. Using tested principles and realistic strategies, you’ll learn to prepare to conduct crucial conversations while managing your own emotions productively. Excellent practice situations help you to get a grip on your everyday communication nightmares. You’ll receive coaching on how to avoid anxiety and increase confidence for difficult conversations that enrich your professional, as well as your personal, life.