Difficult Conversations

We all face workplace situations that cause anxiety and frustration, no matter how much we’ve worked to build our skills. And most of us attempt to avoid difficult conversations every week, if not every day!

Using tested principles and realistic strategies, you’ll learn to prepare for and conduct crucial conversations while keeping your emotions in check. Excellent video clips will help you to get a grip on your personal Communication Nightmares and you’ll receive coaching on how to handle difficult conversations in your professional life, as well as your personal life.

Participants will learn to…

  • Understand the unspoken “rules” that keep us stuck, and bring issues into the open productively!
  • Manage our strong emotions while starting from “the third person” perspective
  • Prepare in advance for the “grenades” lobbed in many difficult conversations
  • Listen more and ask good questions…practicing how to stay curious about them
  • Attend to what’s said and unsaid for unpacking “the 3 conversations” in every difficult conversation
  • Stop avoiding difficult conversations and have the confidence and skill to “go for the gold”