Effective Facilitation Skills for Training: Tips and Tricks for Engaging your Audience

New and experienced trainers alike give this workshop high marks and value the many takeaways, including 20 pages of copyright-free activities that can be tied into any topic that you facilitate. Many organizations are tapping the skills of experienced employees to train their peers, but are they providing the skills necessary to make the learning “sticky?” This session focuses NOT on presentation skills (being the speaker) but on facilitation skills (learner-focused training) and empowers the approach to training summarized in “the more we talk, the less they learn!” Participants will learn:

  • How to avoid death by PowerPoint
  • How to create interactive slides that engage participants
  • Smart uses for the flipchart
  • The appropriate role of fidgets, sticky notes, games and props in training
  • How to provide graphic organizers for more interesting note-taking by the learners
  • A simple 9 step format for designing your training
  • How to turn boring, “here teach this” curriculum into something interactive and fun
  • When and how to use video clips
  • The 6 times, 6 ways rule
  • How to include the 6 trumps when planning your training
  • More resources and websites loaded with other great materials for trainers