EI 201: Growing Your Emotional Intelligence

Perfect for leaders, high potential employees being groomed for leadership, and folks who facilitate meetings!

Building on the what, why and how, this session digs deeper into Emotional Intelligence and its implications on the job.

You’ll learn to identify your emotional triggers, manage your own emotions, and manage the emotions of others using self-talk and reframing. Then, you’ll discover how to use these skills to build EI on your team, turn regular team meetings into EI energizers, and develop a richer culture of EI behaviors. Most importantly, you’ll have an opportunity to practice these concepts in a safe environment – everyone’s privacy is respected and there are NO skits to perform!

Optional:  Each participant may receive a copy of Adele Lynn’s book, Quick Emotional Intelligence Activities for Busy Managers.

Participants will learn to…

  • Identify your emotional triggers and understand emotional hi-jacking
  • Manage your own emotions with positive self-talk
  • Identify others’ emotions using facial recognition
  • Constructively manage others’ emotions using reframing
  • Positively influence the emotional climate of the team
  • Use quick, powerful activities with their team to strengthen EI