EI Energizers

Two-Hour Emotional Intelligence Energizers

For 6-15 participants

Already have an EI initiative in place? Use these coaching roundtable sessions as recurrent energizers to keep the EI fires burning and ward off low EI behaviors that decrease engagement.

This is not a “support group”, but a practice lab for skill building!

A growing body of research indicates that group (and individual) coaching is an especially effective way to extend strengths, bolster critical thinking, and grow emotional intelligence.

These coaching roundtable sessions deepen thinking and cement skills acquired during previous training or experience. Participants can confidently receive coaching on topics related to the development of their EI skills and your organization’s core professional development goals.

Ideal for…

Managers, first-time supervisors, team or project leaders, and/or associates who are being groomed for increased responsibility and leadership.

Sessions include…

  • 30 minutes of instruction on the topic
  • Activities such as exercises, self-assessments, case studies, lecturette, high quality business video segments, TED talks, white board talks—each carefully chosen to provide some “stretch” related to the topic
  • Activities vary from session to session to keep things fresh and interactive.
  • Facilitators deliberately model the skills associated with the topic, and plan the session carefully to achieve your desired outcomes.

There’s a smorgasbord of topics!

Topics can be drawn directly from your organization’s personal development pyramid, and will be highly relevant to your initiatives in building leadership capacity, creating a more respectful workplace, and extending your Emotional Intelligence initiative.

Choose any topics that appeal – each can stand alone.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll customize to support that!


  • Journaling like a CEO
  • Mindfulness has usefulness
  • Tips for handling “I’m all stressed up, and no one to choke” events


  • Are you a thermometer or a thermostat?
  • Habits of gratitude
  • Problem as opportunity, or how to turn your ANTS into PETS (a reframing technique)
  • Win-learn, not win-lose


  • Personal Power Poker—a card game to practice non-verbal expression
  • Humorous empathy video clip
  • How NOT to become a graduate of the ACME school of discounts

Optimism Skills

  • The Art of Possibility – avoiding the downward spiral on your team
  • Why Optimism research matters for you and your organization
  • 7 Tips for engaging and inspiring others no matter when, no matter where

Attitude Maintenance

  • Growing your positive team through the forming, norming, storming and performing phases of change
  • What to do about negative team members
  • 5 tips for maintaining a positive outlook, while remaining a practical realist

Social Awareness

  • Unspoken rules
  • Deceptive Perspectives (an overview of how your brain gets stuck)
  • Old timers vs. the new kids on the block and playing respectfully in the same sandbox (DVD example and skills practice)

Enabling Change

  • Cultivating adaptability
  • Riding the Wave (DVD and change styles identification)
  • 3 phases of change (William Bridges’ model)

Influencing Appropriately 

  • Speak your truth AND keep your cool – the how to’s
  • It’s not just what you say it’s how you say it (group exercise)
  • Power phrases and poison phrases

Emotional Intelligence in Meetings

  • Maintaining personal boundaries
  • It’s everybody’s meeting – facilitation, gate opening, and the power of one
  • Join the ranks of PASFSM – primary and secondary facilitators for safer meetings

Conflict Management with Emotional Intelligence

  • You and the art of appropriate influence
  • Powerful statements of positive intent
  • The satisfying ending – predict a cordial future

Working With You Is Killing Me

  • Recognizing crazy-makers
  • What do you say when they do what they do?
  • 3 case studies

Everyday Creativity: Getting the Best From People

  • 9 habits for more satisfying life and work
  • Making good habits my habits
  • Award-winning DVD on everyday creativity in work and life
  • Letting go of the “I’m not creative” mindset