Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Relationships: The Personality Paradigm

Organizations depend on relationships. The best product won’t sell if customers don’t feel valued. Employees won’t stay if they don’t feel cared for. A team will fall apart if they don’t feel trust in their leaders. (All indicative of low EI!) Companies that foster an emotionally intelligent culture are the ones that will endure, excel and become employers of choice.

Are you ready for some serious self-reflection? This session invites a closer look at our own personalities and the implications of our preferences and behaviors on the job…and in life. You’ll have an opportunity to complete a Big Five personality assessment – currently the most accepted and commonly used model of personality – and come away with a richer understanding of who you are as a person and how you display your Emotional Intelligence. Discussion is stimulating and safe, allowing participants to share voluntarily as they discover.

The session also incorporates valuable information from the bestselling book Quiet by Susan Cain. You’ll learn emotionally intelligence ways to solicit ideas in meetings, conduct supervisory conversations and even distinguish who to groom for leadership.

With eyes wide open, your group will be ready to take a big step toward improving communication, leadership, interpersonal relationships and organizational EI.