Emotionally Intelligent Meetings that Help Teams Thrive

According to recent research, emotionally intelligent teams communicate more effectively, resolve conflict more quickly, have increased accountability, make better decisions, have less intergenerational conflict, adapt well to change, and are able to effectively direct change.

And, since most of our “teaming time” happens when we’re together in meetings, why not start there?

During this dynamic session, you’ll discover an emotionally intelligent approach to meeting facilitation. Take away ready-to-use tools, tried-and-true techniques, and results-oriented approaches to jump start your meetings and boost your team’s EI. Transform team meetings from gatherings where “minutes are kept, but hours are wasted” to a focused and productive use of time!

You and your team will explore…

  • How to take charge of meetings that are wasting time
  • The “2 medium pizzas” rule for meetings
  • Building boundaries for meeting participation
  • Ways to avoid acting as “chairman of the bored”
  • Becoming more sophisticated meeting attendees
  • How to use stand-up meetings effectively
  • Ways to determine and utilize the emotional state of your team
  • Why everyone should leave the meeting with a task
  • Ways to limit team stress and address potential problems before they arise
  • A group process for developing meeting norms