Evidence-based Strategies for Building Stress Resilience: Skills for Clients and Patients

Resilience is not something that some people have and others don’t. It’s not an accident of fortunate DNA. It’s a skill that anyone can develop and improve.

This session showcases the practical applications of over 40 years of positive psychology research. We explore energy-boosting practices that can be implemented with clients and patients to help them cope, and even thrive, in times of change or challenge.

Participants will gain knowledge about mindfulness and gratitude practice, as well as discover blog, book, and media resources for continuing their learning beyond the session.

Participants will:

  • Examine thoughts and beliefs that add up to a growth mindset to support their clients and patients in their resiliency process.
  • Describe and coach clients and patients in at least 10 stress-reducing, resilience-building skills.