Facebook Photo Update (Posted on July 14, 2020 at 04:22PM)

I am having great fun doing a series of webinars for the Ohio Judiciary College. They chose 3 lively topics…Conflict, Taming the Troublemakers, and Difficult Conversations…Who doesn’t need those skills boosted just now! Because it’s a series, I feel like I am getting to know them even though it’s distance learning. They are a lively bunch. So today the training guru (really, she’s a great client) who is going to introduce me asked if she could have some tidbits about myself that would round out the trainer side of me that they are coming to know….Ummmmmm….I gave her these 4 ideas….Now I am wondering which you think is BEST to actually share when I am introduced tomorrow. None is also legit!

I’m on my 22nd reading of the Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien…the books are better than the movies…but I respect your opinion!
I was an English Major and I am employed all these years…take that doubters!
My first book was published last year, and it’s on grief and being resilient. It only took FOUR years to write! Yikes.
I live to be a source of amusement to my adult children.

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