Facebook Photo Update (Posted on May 05, 2016 at 10:54AM)

A great day yesterday with senior leaders at Medical Mutual. What a classy company–the participants were terrific! Our topic was generations in the workplace, and they dived right in. They had a great plan, in that they spent the morning working with me on an overview of the research on generational differences and how to build a respectful workplace using emotional intelligence skills. We used video vignettes to practice the skills, and made the whole experience fun with cross generational music playing all day, some “name that tune” with prizes, and a terrific revolving ppt with facts and events significant to each generation. The team who planned the day dressed up in everything from 1940s pumps and a sunday best dress to hippie clothes. All of their introductions and instructions were full of silly “in phrases” from the era that they represented…it made a festival atmosphere! After I was finished, they dove into the practical application of all of this to customer service, retention and the practicalities of working inter-generationally. I was so proud to be part of it! If your organization has not quite made the shift to being a happy place for millennials, and if you want to be an employer of choice, maybe this is a topic to be taking a look at soon!

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