Facebook Update (Posted on July 13, 2016 at 12:26AM)

Great Harvard Business Review tip…it’s easy to save our skills for the people who are professional contacts and ignore our skills with the people who we hope to spend our whole lives with.

Avoid Fighting With Your Spouse When You Get Home From Work

The most challenging part of the day can be when you arrive home and inadvertently get into a fight with your spouse. It happens because we often forget our interpersonal skills as soon as we walk through the door. We tend to think we can just “be ourselves” without worrying about how we’ll be perceived or the impact on our partners. But people skills are just as necessary at home as they are at work. It’s unrealistic and unhelpful for couples to expect that they’ll automatically be in sync when they arrive home; different needs, different recovery times, and different experiences during the day make it more likely that you’ll be out of sync. That’s why it’s important to identify your needs as individuals and talk about them as a couple — but don’t do it right when you get home. Set aside some time to talk when you’re both feeling more relaxed.

Adapted from “How to Not Fight with Your Spouse When You Get Home from Work,” by Ed Batista

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