Facebook Update (Posted on September 08, 2016 at 10:58PM)

Tip of the day from the Harvard Business Review shows how EI and good communication play out across cultures:

Help Your Cross-Cultural Team Make That Deadline

Managing a project on a tight deadline is tough, but it can be even more challenging when you’re working with a cross-cultural team. “On time” often means something different in Germany than it does in Belgium or Kenya. That’s why it’s important to clarify exact deadlines up front. Don’t assume that “I’ll get the data to you next week” means it will be in your inbox on Monday morning. Ask people to be very specific about when they’ll complete tasks that affect others’ work. And build in extra buffer time. Padding due dates is always a good idea, no matter the culture, but there are often additional delays when working globally. Sometimes there can be technology or even utility issues, like access to electricity. Other times there are holidays you weren’t expecting. Instead of asking for something 24 hours in advance, ask for it 48 or 72 hours before your deadline. This gives you extra time to follow up before a deliverable is absolutely needed.

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