Generations MEET For Respect In The Workplace

Understanding the differences between the generations is just the beginning!

With workers from four generations now active in the workforce, the potential for misunderstanding, frustration and conflict puts increasing pressure on productivity. This training gets beyond stereotyping approaches that stop at “Here’s what each group is like”, and turns that challenge into a competitive advantage. This session gives participants an emotionally intelligent, skill-building approach to the complexities of effectively working in, and managing, a multigenerational workforce.

Employees and managers gain insights, strategies and skills centered around high emotional intelligence behaviors that help to minimize generational conflict and strengthen collaboration. Excellent visual case studies of common workplace situations generate lively discussion and practical solutions.

Participants will learn about…

• Their current level of knowledge and skills regarding the generations
• Clash points for conflict between generations
• Practical solutions for common workplace situations
• Using emotional intelligence to minimize or eliminate conflict
• The MEET approach to communication, conflict resolution and problem solving