Grief Brain: Reducing Anxiety and Helping the Bereaved to Normalize the Side Effects of Loss

Whether your client is experiencing the agonizing disappearance of a loved one through dementia or has suffered a death, nearly every grief journey contains the poignant contradiction of “I think I’m losing it” and “Today, I am handling it”.

Drawing on the work of resilience researcher George Bonanno’s book on the science of bereavement, The Other Side of Sadness, and Clare Bidwell Smith’s insights in Anxiety, the Missing Stage of Grief, participants will benefit from rich resources and useful handouts to employ with clients.

In addition, Kim will share her own learning from conducting dozens of interviews with grievers and professionals while working on her book.

Participants will…

  • Identify and gain skills to reduce anxiety that encumbers caregivers and grievers
  • Be introduced to evidence-based methods to promote resilience and positive emotion after loss with the clients they serve