Help, I Have Pandemic Brain! Ambiguous Loss, My Clients are Cross, I Feel Like a Sloth

In these days of the COVID pandemic when we, along with those we serve, are tossing and turning at night and forgetful and disorganized and busy during the day, we are getting (an unwelcome) opportunity to grow our coping skills.

This session offers a smorgasbord of insights and strategies as we navigate this new way of living and being.

Let’s face it, we all have pandemic brain, and that’s come as a surprise to┬áthe majority of us who are not brain experts. Come take a closer look at what upending our normal lives does to the brain, name and claim this period of adjustment to ambiguous loss, and reacquaint ourselves with the empowering research that indicates most of us are much more resilient that we think we are. Explore how to better manage this jarring and many-faceted experience of pandemic for yourself and your clients.

Participants will…

  • Be able to discuss and define ambiguous loss and growth mindset, and apply these concepts to the pandemic experience
  • Choose from a variety of practical, actionably coping strategies for working with “pandemic brain”