High Impact Communication for Managers

Communication implies understanding. Yet, we encounter so many obstacles, assumptions, perceptions, and filters during any given conversation; it can seem darn near impossible to reach understanding!

Skilled communicators take time to decide what information to give, when to give it, and the best way to convey it both verbally and nonverbally. They also listen fully with head and heart. During this session, designed specifically for managers, you’ll uncover these essentials for successful communication with your subordinates and peers…so you can dramatically increase understanding, respect and positive results!

Participants will discuss and learn about…

  • Common workplace communication problems
  • Contributions and arguing
  • Mirroring and nonverbal communication
  • Unconditional listening and empathy
  • Selective agreement
  • Communication blocks and handling them in groups
  • Poison phrases and powerful phrases
  • Top 10 Tips for becoming a better listener
  • Top 10 Tips to communicate more powerfully
  • Much more!