Hiring For Emotional Intelligence

We all want to avoid the dreaded hiring mistake!

The truth is that most people lose their jobs not because of inadequate skills, but rather because they lack the ability to manage themselves appropriately and get along well with others.

During the hiring process, the challenge is to weed out the candidates who could be disruptive and recognize those who have the skills to help things run smoothly.

An interview process aimed at assessing emotional intelligence can lead to a wealth of information. Does the candidate have a strong awareness of what is driving his behavior? Is the candidate acting from intention? Or does he tend to react to something or someone? Does the candidate reflect from the point of view of blame? Or does she sound like a victim? Or perhaps arrogance or a need to be right drives her behavior? Or, maybe defensiveness is her hallmark. A candidate’s reflections reveal a lot about him or herself including self-awareness, self-control and accountability for behaviors. These telltale thought patterns can offer strong predictors of future behavior.

Participants will explore…

  • 20 abilities that matter – the Gold Star EI skills
  • Discerning truly EI candidates vs. the carefully coached ones
  • What makes for a good behaviorally-based interview question
  • Using behavioral interview questions to maximum effect
  • What to listen for during the interview process
  • Group practice using real-life scenarios
  • The EQ Interview by Adele Lynn – everyone will receive a copy of this enlightening book!

NOTE: During this session, your group can create a list of behavioral interview questions together, or use your existing behavioral interview questions. We’re also happy to partner or co-facilitate with your HR Manager!