Managing Perspective: The How To’s of Happiness

Cultivate a culture of respect, appreciation and trust with colleagues and be prepared to share skill development for happiness with clients and patients.

Based on the work of respected positive psychology researchers, including Dr. Tal ben Shahar who has taught the most popular course in Harvard’s history, participants will learn at least five practical methods for enlarging perspective and increasing happiness.

This session draws on the work of Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky in her excellent book The How of Happiness. Excellent resources are provided and the skills (if practiced) can be life-changing!

These are doable, practical steps that anyone can benefit from immediately, and that show us how to find slivers of happiness even during extremely trying times.

Can be structured as one, two or three sessions.

Participants will…

  • Get beyond the “Do I feel happy now?” notion of happiness to describe other approaches including thoughts of satisfaction, quiet joy, and happiness as skill development
  • Define the psychology of happiness and strategies to develop happiness skills.
  • Describe the myths of happiness, what truly makes people happy based on data, and how to choose it
  • Practice and learn how to implement 12 evidence-based happiness-increasing activities for themselves and with their clients and patients