It’s OK to Laugh in a Grief Group: Facilitation Tools for Grief Group Leaders, Hospice, and Palliative Care Professionals

In this session, ten tips for group facilitation are presented with such clarity that you will be able to use them immediately to enrich your group process and increase client satisfaction.

Typical pitfalls and how to avoid them, creating and maintaining a supportive atmosphere, a tried and true method for maintaining respectful dialogue without trying to “fix” other group members, and methods for handling the rambler, encouraging the silent, and the “care and nourishment” of introverts and extraverts are just a few of the valuable topics included.

Can be structured as one or two sessions.

Participants will…

  • Discuss and practice skills, tips, and tricks of expert group facilitators
  • Have the opportunity to share their own wisdom, mentoring, and worst-case scenarios in a supportive environment
  • Evaluate resources for journal exercises, creating writing, mindful reading, and mindful activities that will enrich the experience of their clients/patients