PAUSE – 16.29 – Can You See Yourself As A Perennial?

Link: PAUSE – 16.29 – Can You See Yourself As A Perennial? – I often get a little nugget of wisdom from the Pause newsletter and today was no exception. Most of you know that one of my favorite workshops to facilitate is called Generations in the Workplace. I think one of the reasons that I get asked to give this workshops so often is that I was determined to say something meaningful about various Generations without putting each of them in a box. The Workshop is first and foremost a facilitated dialogue to help people to understand what makes each other tick– with frequent reminders that we can’t paint everybody in a generation with the same broad brush. It’s just a joy to be with people who leave making comments like “the penny dropped for me” about what’s important to know about my coworkers. So now in this Pond newsletter the same thing is taken up with the addition of a label that makes me laugh… Perennials! Read more below.

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