Payoff | IndieBound

Link: Payoff | IndieBound – I am a big fan of the research of Dan Ariely, and its application to work and life. If you have not dipped into the fascinating work of Ariely, a behavioral economist, this brief talk posted on Big Think is engaging and a great introduction to him and his work. Here he takes up a critical issue in the workplace–motivation. It’s interesting that he begins with just stopping behaviors that undermine motivation, because he sees that so often! before he goes on to talk about positively motivating others. I’d be glad to hear your comments. My workshop facilitation bears out that this is a common problem that hardly anybody wants to talk about.

The Psychology of Motivation: Build Purpose, Respect Contributions

We shouldn’t have to be told that people’s hearts and souls are not piñatas, and yet here we are. Duke psychology professor and behavioral economist Dan Ariely says when it comes to increasing motivation, there’s a precursor lesson many managers, teachers and parents miss: stop crushing spirits. Ariely’s latest book is “Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations” (

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