Ready for Anything! The Art of Diplomacy and Gracious Communication

It IS possible to get along better with anyone, anywhere, at any time!

This highly interactive seminar offers straightforward strategies and proven techniques for modeling gracious communication, even in the face of apprehension and hostility. You’ll discover how to apply EI concepts to appropriate, assertive communication. Skills are practiced in a non-threatening way using case studies and group analysis, making the session fun, challenging, and memorable!

The focus can be customized to the challenges that managers and supervisors face everyday, or the specific skills needed by associates in an empowered workforce.

Participants will learn about…

  • Their current communication strengths and limitations
  • The differences between assertive, aggressive and passive communication styles
  • 6 techniques for healthy assertive behavior
  • Modeling gracious communication
  • The principles of ethical persuasion
  • Overcoming roadblocks to effective influence
  • Negotiating effectively with your boss and peers
  • Ways to stop people from manipulating you
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult people and conversations