Stress and the Science of Optimism: Skills for Thoughtful Optimism

This is not pop psychology, but a life-changing guide grounded in extensive clinical research. It’s also information so practical for increased productivity at work and at home that it grabs you by the lapels!

Join the ranks of fortune 500 companies who are seeing the benefits of training (and hiring) for authentic optimism.

This session zeros in on an important aspect of working with emotional intelligence—optimism. Studies show that optimists make more successful salespeople, contribute to retention because people prefer optimistic bosses, and are more likely not to talk themselves out of their own creative ideas. Leaders and individual contributors who want to foster a can-do attitude—in themselves and in their organizations—recognize the benefits of increasing optimism.

Participants will explore…

  • How optimism boots your mood and immune system
  • The skills needed to acquire more optimism
  • The difference between being delusional, reasonable pessimism that’s good for you, and true optimism
  • Recognizing and changing your inner dialogue to positively influence your success
  • Why optimism helps you stick to your goals and benefits your team