Surfing the Waves: Choosing to Grow More Resilient When the Tide is Rising

An excellent session for leaders, managers, and employees!

Times of change are especially overwhelming, and sometimes we just don’t feel very resilient. That’s part of being human, but ongoing low resilience can eventually have a negative impact on attitude, productivity, and health.

So, if you’re not one of the lucky few born with unbounded optimism, how do you hang on to your own vitality, and coach your clients to be more successful surfers, when the storm rolls in?

In this lively session, we can all learn to get better at “riding the rollers” with resilience. Resilience isn’t something that some of us have and others don’t. It’s not an accident of fortunate DNA. It’s a skill that we can all develop.

This session highlights a simple model of the phases of change that we can work with. There are over 40 years of research on positive psychology, and from that data we gather energy-boosting practices that help us to cope, and even thrive, in times of change.

Participants will…

  • Examine a simple model for change management, including predictable phases of change, and the mindset and resources to manage it
  • Explore elements from positive psychology research that point the way to increased resilience, flexibility, and positive outlook during change
  • Choose a variety of coping strategies and skills for flexing the “resilience muscle” in order to strengthen it, both for themselves and for work with clients
  • Explore a dozen behaviors for reducing feelings of overwhelm, including optimism skills and gratitude practice, as well as blog, book and media resources for continuing the learning beyond this session