Conflict Management 201: Taming the Troublemakers – Skills for Dealing with Difficult People

Standard conflict management techniques only work with people who have skill and reasonable good will. And difficult people—whether they’re customers, clients, or vendors—don’t always have these traits! Now, learn how to deal with these tough folks quickly and confidently.

Using humorous video clips and practical examples, this session is consistently highly-rated. You’ll walk away with action steps for skillfully handling the hard-to-handle people commonly found in the workplace, so you can lower your own stress and get things done!

Participants will learn how to…

  • Observe the patterns of difficult people—aggressive, passive, complainers, those who “clam up”, the overly negative, and the analytical—so that we can choose effective interventions
  • Maintain healthy boundaries without becoming aggressive using the 4 Ds
  • Identify what difficult people are after, so that we can lead them to business
  • Handle each type of difficult person effectively with skill suggestions tailored to each type
  • Remain unhooked by challenging behavior, managing stress, and even scaring up a little compassion for the trying co-worker or customer