Conflict Management 201: Taming the Troublemakers – Skills for Dealing with Difficult People

Standard conflict management techniques only work with people who have skill and reasonable good will. And difficult people – whether they’re customers, clients or vendors – don’t always have these traits! Learn how to deal with these tough folks quickly and confidently.

Using humorous real-life examples, this session is consistently highly-rated. You’ll walk away with action steps for skillfully handling all the hard-to-handle people commonly found in the workplace, so you can lower your own stress and get things done!

Participants will learn how to…

  • Observe the patterns of difficult people–aggressive, passive, complainers, those who “clam up”, the overly negative and analytical–so that we can choose effective interventions
  • Maintain healthy boundaries without becoming aggressive using the 4 Ds
  • Identify what difficult people are after, so that we can lead them to business
  • Handle each type of difficult person effectively with skill suggestions tailored to each type (time permitting)
  • Remain unhooked by challenging behavior, manage stress, and even scare up a little compassion for the trying co-worker or customer