The Science of Optimism: The Benefits of Maintaining a Practical and Positive Attitude

This is not pop psychology, but a nourishing guide grounded in extensive research on the benefits of optimism. It’s also information so practical for increased productivity at work and at home that it grabs you by the lapels!

Learn about organizations that are seeing the benefits of training (and hiring) for optimism skills. Also explore some guidelines for authentic optimism (as opposed to being self-deluded), and the legitimate role of practical pessimism for mental health.

Studies show that optimists are better at creating customer satisfaction, that optimistic leaders contribute to employee retention because people prefer optimistic bosses, and that optimistic workers are more flexible, adaptive, and less likely to talk themselves out of their own innovative ideas. Leaders and individual contributors who want to foster a “We got this!” attitude in themselves and in their organizations will recognize the benefits of a culture that supports authentic optimism.

Participants will:  

  • Discover the skills needed to acquire appropriate optimism that is grounded, yet hopeful, as well as the role of reasonable pessimism in anticipating problems and preparing for them
  • Learn how optimism boosts both moods and the immune system, and how recognizing and changing your inner dialogue can positively influence your success
  • Be able to use key reflection questions that help us to learn from mistakes without undue anxiety