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Link: Train the Trainer – Guila Muir – Sharing some tips from my online mentor, Guila Muir on
Remote Meetings in the Time of Corona Virus
To her tips I add–hang on to your sense of humor!

If you’re like many others, you are now working at home. Online meetings play an important role, but boy, can they be frustrating. Use these tips to make remote meetings more effective:

Ditch the telephone and use a video-based approach. People engage more, and multi-task less, when they are visible to others.
Ban the “mute” button. Use quiet rooms instead. Again, everyone should be visible.
Take attendance.
Clarify who is the “taskmaster”. This person will keep the conversation on track and call on people.
Direct questions to specific individuals.
Leverage the technology’s “bells and whistles” to enhance the meeting. Share the screen, use Messenger or Chat, and conduct polls or tallies.
Follow up all meetings with an action plan for all.

I am sending good thoughts to all of you during this challenging time. Please send me YOUR tips for running great remote meetings. I’ll share those in the next newsletter.

Guila Muir

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