Wintering Well: A Workshop on Rest and Relaxation

The winter solstice, for many, brings about feelings of melancholy, deprivation, and a sense of loss. Here in the northern hemisphere, we are in the darkest part of our year. Less sunlight and shorter days inflict a condition of perpetual drowsiness.

There is of course another side to winter, one that nature demonstrates exceptionally well. In the plant world, this season of darkness is welcomed as an essential period of rest and restoration. For humankind, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is dependent upon good sleep habits and adequate rest. Without it we quickly become dysfunctional both physically and socially.

Winter was once a time to rest, reflection, and slowness—a time to recover from the stress and strain of life and enjoy the quiet and calmness. Maybe a period of human dormancy is exactly what we need, to bring balance into our lives and restoration to the body, mind, and spirit.