Working with Emotional Intelligence: The What, Why, and How


Based on the groundbreaking work of field leaders with over 30 years of research behind them, this seminar looks at the implications of “EQ,” not IQ, for personal excellence and building relationships. A growing body of evidence indicates that emotional intelligence is more predictive of achievement and promotability than either advanced degrees or technical expertise. We’ll examine the far-reaching implications of Emotional Intelligence for the cultivation of personal excellence and outstanding service. Resources will be shared on practical strategies for building EI in individuals, teams and even whole organizations. As a result, you’ll improve your ability to influence others, lead productive meetings and coach effectively.

Participants will examine 20+ criteria for improving their own and their employees’ emotional intelligence and concrete strategies for cultivating EI in self and others. You’ll learn about these criteria, start an informal self-assessment of your own strengths and weaknesses, and learn strategies for creating a culture in which people thrive. Employers of choice acknowledge emotionally intelligent behavior as a fresh perspective on professionalism, and reap the benefits in retention and employee engagement.


At the conclusion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Begin to informally assess your own EQ.
  2. Define the “20 abilities that matter” EQ components.
  3. Begin thinking about how to develop high EQ behavior and leadership within organizations.
  4. Apply EQ to improve skills in coaching, mentoring, and conflict management.