Working with You is Killing Me: Staying Unhooked from Boundary Busters

Everyone loves this workshop and the humorous video that provides practical examples of, and strategies for, how to get along in the giant sandbox of life!

People, being human, waste too much time worrying, avoiding and obsessing over how toxic employees and customers affect their performance on the job and their peace of mind at home. This powerful program provides the antidote, showing exactly how to take responsibility for addressing problems. Based on the national bestselling book Working with You is Killing Me, employees and managers learn how to adopt a new attitude by setting boundaries and skillfully increasing respect in the workplace.

Everyone—including the lucky few who’ve never had to work with a difficult person—will benefit from this program.

Participants will learn about…

  • Not bleeding energy to “energy vampires” in their workplace
  • Our own reactions that can unwittingly enable the situation
  • “Unhooking” from difficult situations in 4 simple ways
  • Methods for managing yourself when dealing with toxic people
  • Proven responses for problem behavior
  • Ways to establish cordial working relationships and set healthy boundaries, so you can concentrate on your work!