Working with You is Killing Me: Setting Good Boundaries with Customers and Colleagues

Everyone loves this light-hearted workshop and the humorous “how-to” video that provides practical examples of, and strategies for, getting along in the giant sandbox of life!

People, being human, spend a lot of time worrying, avoiding and obsessing over how toxic colleagues and customers affect their workplace as well as their peace of mind at home. This session provides a lively antidote, showing exactly how to take responsibility for corralling “Captain Bringdown”.

Based on the national bestselling book Working with You is Killing Me, everyone–including the lucky few who’ve never had to work with a difficult co-worker or customer–will learn how to set boundaries and skillfully get a little respect in the workplace.

Participants will…

  • Find ways to stop bleeding energy to “energy vampires” in the workplace
  • Complete a simple self-assessment in order to recognize reactions that can unwittingly enable the situation
  • Learn 4 simple “unhooking” methods for managing Self when dealing with toxic people and creating a cordial working atmosphere